Jazz Up Your Jotter: Parker-Type G2 Refills

I currently own two Parker Jotters. Who hasn’t owned one? I could probably root out a couple more if I spent an hour halfheartedly searching the house. And I have owned and lost a few others over the years, which I trust someone has found and is taking good care of now. What’s wrong with a Parker Jotter? Absolutely nothing. They’re familiar and reliable and I’ve just become aware of a whole world of ways to upgrade this ubiquitous ballpoint.

Two Parker Jotters
On my commute the other morning, I was looking up pens which take the Pilot G2 refill (the Karas Kustoms Bolt G2 looks real swank) and in the course of my mobile research, found out that the standard Parker refills also go by the G2 designation. I had no idea there was any kind of international standard for ballpoint refills. But there is, and the Parker-type G2 is it. Many brands make refills of this type and many pens can use these refills.

I browsed through the extensive selection at Cult Pens and grabbed the Parker gel refill and two Schmidt refills: the P900 M, which is a really decent refill available in six different colors for £1, and the Megaline P950 M, a pressurized refill which turns your Jotter into a writes-in-all-conditions Space Pen.

Three Parker-style refills
Fisher brand refills will also fit the Jotter, but the Schmidt is just slightly less expensive. It’s been quite a few years since I wrote with a legit Fisher Space Pen, but my experience with the Schmidt refill is definitely on par. The Schmidt even seems to skip a bit less and write a more solid line.

I’m packing the Jotter with the pressurized refill when we go away to a cabin in Wales for the Christmas weekend. Just in case I get stuck upside down in a windy, rainy valley and have to send a kestrel off with an SOS message written on a damp leaf.

I love a Jotter. They look good, they feel great to hold and write with, and there is no more satisfying click in the realm of clickable pens. I imagine I’ll always have one, and hopefully will always have these two, and it’s nice to know there is a long list of ways to keep the writing experience fresh.

Schmidt and Parker writing samples
For a much more thorough discussion of all things refill (and some more clarity on the Parker/Pilot G2 distinction), see The Well Appointed Desk’s Epic Refill Reference Guide.

Happiest of holidays to all. If you do have a favorite pen that takes a Pilot G2 refill, please do let me know!

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