Lamy Safari 2017 Special Edition: Petrol


The first fountain pen I ever bought myself was a Charcoal Lamy Safari when I first moved to London almost ten years ago. What a whimsical memory! It was certainly not true love, though, which I blame on the Medium nib I was not quite ready for, and the fact that I just tossed in the truly abysmal Lamy Blue cartridge that came with the pen.

Something about a Safari keeps you coming back, though, and when I fell hard into fountain pens again last year, the first one I bought was a Lamy Vista, which I immediately and deeply loved.

But I am not an undying Safari fan, and I have no intention of being a collector. When the 2017 Special Edition was released, though, I knew I would end up with it. I just straight up love how it looks, and although I held off for a while, these pens are just too affordable to talk yourself out of for very long.

I just love the cut of the Petrol’s jib – love the black clip and black nib and the matte body. I even love that they called it Petrol. I won’t go too in depth as far as the pen’s performance, because you can read actually hundreds of other Safari reviews. But I will say that when you buy a Safari, you know you’re getting a pen that is basically indestructible. That first Safari I bought, which was hardly cherished, managed to stick with me through two moves across the Atlantic. Love them or hate them, these pens are nothing if not reliable.

The Ink

I bought my Petrol Safari at a Paperchase in a District Line Tube station and it came with a box of five Petrol ink cartridges. I’m really into this ink. It’s a dark teal/green-black with some good shading. I’ll probably pick up a couple more boxes of cartridges. I don’t own a bottle of Lamy ink and would love for Petrol to be the first, but they’re quite hard to get hold of and I’m not going to stress myself out trying to find one. I’m very happy to be able to try it out in cartridges, though.

Petrol Sample1

And I’m not going to worry too much about its limited availability because, while it’s the only teal ink I own, I don’t think it’s incredibly unique. I’m not generally concerned about matching pen and ink colours, but I would love to keep a teal ink in the Petrol Safari and I think there are many other suitable inks out there. Diamine Teal would be totally legit to keep in this pen when I run out of Petrol cartridges.


To my eye, Lamy has gotten this Safari just right. And while I’m not too bothered about its Special Edition-ness, I am very pleased that I didn’t miss out on this one.

One thought on “Lamy Safari 2017 Special Edition: Petrol

  1. I have been wanting a Safari for a while – love my Lamy 2000, but don’t feel comfortable carrying it everywhere (afraid to lose it). That Petrol is so cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

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